Diversity & Inclusion



  • 黑学生会

    The 黑学生会 provides a forum for students of color at 亚博集团 and enhances school life in general by promoting awareness of Black History, culture, and contemporary issues relating to Blacks and other students of color. In addition to meetings, BSU sponsors dances and visits to other BSU chapters. Membership is open to all students in grades 7-12.
  • 股权板

  • 股权俱乐部

    中学股权俱乐部汇集了学生谁感兴趣的社会正义的主题,分享,讨论并促进公平,在亚博集团和超越的愿望。俱乐部每年参加,并导致工作坊,东编的 中学生多样化的领导层会议 每年春天。这也有助于领导的亚博集团的年度多样性论坛的中学部分。
  • 性别和性联盟

  • 万花筒

    Kaleidoscope is a student-initiated, student-led space for dialogue on current issues related to social justice and diversity. Coming together regularly throughout the year, 万花筒 has no official members and no elected leaders. It may inspire change, but it is primarily designed as a safe space for students to reflect, share, and listen to one another with courage and respect.
  • 我们的教师



    亚博追求的目标 教育妇女世界 
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